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Pretrial Detention

Cash bail and pretrial detention run the risk of creating two systems of justice – one for those whose lives are derailed for lack of ability to pay cash bail and one for those who can afford bail and resume their lives pending trial. Wealth -or lack thereof – should not be a criterion in determining pretrial detention. At the same time, pretrial detention can be a powerful instrument for protecting public safety.


In cases involving non-violent misdemeanor offenses, my office will seek a Court Order requiring Defendants to abide by appropriate conditions upon arraignment. This practice is consistent with our Federal Courts and guards against the discriminating against the financially disadvantaged.


For those cases where personal and public safety are in jeopardy – those involving violent misdemeanors and felonies, major drug trafficking and firearms - my office will work to remove violent offenders from our communities by pursuing pretrial detention through the appropriate governing authorities.

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