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Service and Engagement


In my youth, I was taught the ethic of service for others. Through the years, I subscribed to this principle in both my personal and professional life. Most recently, I organized teams of volunteers to assemble over 100,000 meals for the hungry during the outset of the pandemic and also volunteered alongside health care workers at mass vaccination sites.  In my office, all staff will be actively involved in their respective communities by adhering to a dedicated number of community service hours each month.


Individuals and communities are complex, multi-faceted, and sometimes contradictory. No one individual or entity has all the answers. We each have our own unique perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and resources to offer one another. Active and ongoing engagement and collaboration strengthen relationships and communities. As District Attorney, not only will I personally engage in community outreach and collaborations. To further ensure my Office remains connected with the people we serve, I will create a new, full-time position for a Community Engagement Liaison who will report directly to me. Finally, each prosecutor and staff person in my office will be an active and meaningful contributor to local and county-wide efforts and initiatives.

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